Schedule your old mulch removal service in Abilene, TX

Old mulch is like kryptonite to your flower beds. It is the leading cause of root decay, rot and fungi. Keep your plants healthy by getting an old mulch removal service from Mendez Lawn Service LLC. We'll remove all traces of old mulch and cover your flower bed with fresh compost.

If you're in the Abilene, TX area, schedule your old mulch removal service today. Our services are charged by the yard.

Signs you need a professional mulching service

If you're not familiar with the ins and outs of lawn care, you may not recognize issues with your compost. Pay attention to these signs that indicate you need a mulching service:

  • Soggy mulch
  • Poor drainage
  • Thin or bare patches
  • Mold growth
Our team will assess the condition of your mulch and suggest a solution to your problem.

We provide free lawn care evaluations in Abilene, TX. Count on us to determine whether you need mulching service. Call 325-725-5933 today to schedule your appointment.

Mulch Removal services in Abilene, TX and surrounding areas

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