Explore our tree care services in Abilene, TX

Don't worry about DIY tree trimming. If you want to save money and avoid injuries, professional tree care services in Abilene, TX are the way to go. Mendez Lawn Service LLC will take every precaution when trimming or removing your trees.

You can count on our professional tree trimming crew to...

  • Use specialized equipment to remove dangerous trees.
  • Trim dead or dying branches in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Grind up leftover tree stumps to make more room in your lawn.

Our tree experts won't leave behind a mess - we'll clean up the debris when we're through. Call today to schedule our tree trimming or tree removal service.

Discover the benefits of tree trimming

Tree care is essential to the appearance and health of your trees. Regular trimming removes dead branches to keep your trees in good shape throughout the season. Frequent tree trimming services also discourage pest infestations and prevent heavy limbs from falling during a storm.

Hire Mendez Lawn Service for a tree trimming service in Abilene, TX today.

Do you need a dangerous tree removed?

Aside from obvious damage to your tree, there are other important reasons you may need to bring a tree down. Mendez Lawn Service offers careful and affordable tree removal services when:

  • Trees are dead or unhealthy.
  • Tree trunks are leaning awkwardly.
  • Trees are growing too close to your home.

We even offer complete stump grinding services to get rid of your dangerous trees once and for all. Professional tree care services can make all the difference. You can trust us to handle your job the right way.

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